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Success Stories


Our son suffered from anxiety his whole life. We took him to a few therapists. He needed to take Prozac at two different points in his life, and he said he always felt like he had “a black cloud” hovering over his day. He would call us multiple times from school during the day to tell us that he feels very nervous and anxious, and we just didn’t’ know what to do for him. We made an appointment with Dr. Rosenberg when we heard glowing recommendations about him from a relative of ours who had achieved great results using him. 

Dr. Rosenberg was patient, kind, and extremely thorough. He recommended some testing for our son, and based on the results, he set our son up with a vitamin regimen.

This was 6 months ago, and our son is a different child. He’s calm, happy, well adjusted and “the cloud”‘ has gone away.  All he does is take some very healthy vitamins, not dangerous medication, and thank G-d he’s doing so well!

Thank you Dr. Rosenberg! We are just so grateful to you for all you have done for our son.

Keep up the good work!

Dena H. (A very grateful parent).


IBS Constipation

Since I was a little girl I suffered with terrible constipation.  I had been on  daily laxatives 10 years.  That was the only way I could go to the bathroom.  In addition I had chronic terrible bloating and gas.  This problem held me back in life as I was still single at 30 and working at a job that was OK but not what I wanted.  

I visited Dr. Rosenberg after suffering with IBS for 10 years. I was desperate to find a cure for my problem and was already losing hope. I had several tests and medical exams and doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and they diagnosed me with IBS.  I found out about Dr. Rosenberg from a friend, and instantly I was impressed by his thorough examination and questionnaire.

Dr. Rosenberg ordered a functional lab test for the gastro system.  The results said that I had several problems.  Finally I knew what was the source of the problem!  After having been to so many doctors and trying everything I had almost given up.

Dr. Rosenberg started me on a diet and nutrition plan.  He ordered supplements and Chinese herbal medications for me.  He also took me off the laxatives.  I was nervous about that.

Well, in the next 4 days, I eliminated 9 times!  Each time was better than before and by the end of that first week I really felt like a new person. 

Since then I have gone back to school for my chosen occupation, met the man of my dreams and got married, and now we’re happily raising our son David.

Although it took me approximately 6 months to be able to heal and properly move my bowels, the end result was priceless. If you suffer from IBS I would strongly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Rosenberg!

Dr. Rosenberg literally changed my life.  I am ever grateful.  

Rosio G.



My teen son was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  He was prescribed the usual drugs which had the effect of making him seem almost catatonic.  The goal of the psychiatrist was t0 “keep the lid on the pot” so to speak. People treated him cruelly as if he were stupid.  Under the cover the of the drugs he wanted to express himself but couldn’t. On occasion if the drugs wore off he could go into a dangerous rage.

Dr. Rosenberg carefully assessed the situation and ordered an OAT (Organic Acids Test).

The results were stunning.  My son had a severe yeast and bacterial infection indicated by a very high level of chemical produced by the bacteria.

Dr. Rosenberg said he didn’t have schizophrenia but rather several functional problems including infection that led to problems in his gut and brain.

He started on a nutritional protocol to eliminate the infection and strengthen his immune system, brain and gut.

In time the lid came off the pot to reveal his true nature.  With help of his psychiatrist he was able to wean off the medication.

Today he is a normally functioning young man.

Harry K.


I’m a middle aged woman and began suffering from insomnia after a stressful event.  I tried taking melatonin and it worked for a time but stopped working.

My doctor put me on Klonopin. It helped me sleep but the next day I felt very drowsy.  Eventually it led to anxiety, depression, and dizzinessClearly this was not the solution for me. 

I was at a loss as what to do.  Then I was referred to Dr. Rosenberg.  He ordered a test called DUTCH (Dried urine test for comprehensive hormones).  I received the test kit and did it myself at home.  It was easy to do and required only urine and saliva, no blood.

 About 2 weeks later Dr. Rosenberg received the results.  I had a lot of hormonal imbalances.  There was a reason for my insomnia.

Based on the results of the test I began a program of targeted supplements.  Since I already eat healthy we had to tweak a few small things in my diet.  We also worked on my sleep habits and bedroom environment.  The TV had to go.

My sleep is a lot better within a few months.  That makes all the difference in the world.  Now I can function much better as a wife and mother.

Thanks Dr. Rosenberg for all you do!

Gitty R.