How We Do It

One of the important tools that assists Dr. Rosenberg in diagnosing and providing solutions for his patients is functional lab testing—unique lab tests that provide information standard tests can’t. Knowing more about his patients’ condition opens the door to effectively treating it.

Many people today have chronic medical problems that are not being solved by conventional care.  Doctors rely heavily on testing and when the testing comes back “within normal limits” the patient is pronounced “well” by the doctor.  This unfortunately happens all too often.

“There’s nothing wrong.  Your lab tests are fine.”

“I can write you another prescription.”

“You have reached the maximum amount of injections or medications.”

“It’s all in your head.”

“You need surgery.”

“It will pass.”

“You need to learn to live with it.”

Have you been told this or something similar by your doctor?

These types of responses leave people without hope they can get better.  In many cases there is hope.  It’s just a matter of getting the right test to get to the right diagnosis.  You can only fix the problem if you know what the problem is!

Dr. Rosenberg uses the most advanced diagnostic methods to help zero-in on the underlying reason behind hard to treat, and hard to diagnose, medical conditions.