A Healthy Life

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When was the last time that you felt really good?

When you had all the energy needed to do all you cherish in life?

When you had a good night’s sleep?

In life we go through infections, stress, injuries, trauma, aging, sitting all day, accidents, surgeries, and the side effects of medications.

We go to doctors and we do the lab tests they suggest.  When those lab tests come back “WNL”, within normal limits, we are told there is nothing wrong.  But we still feel excessive fatigue no matter how much rest we get. Or we continue to have brain fog, memory issues, difficult digestive issues, decreased libido, and other issues that are connected if we know how to seek them out.

When was the last time that you had a doctor who really cared and listened? A doctor who offered a real solution instead of another prescription or brush off?

Today’s health problems require different thinking.

Functional medicine connects the dots between the brain, the gut and the microbiome.  Lab tests such as the DUTCH and the OAT are cutting edge tests that provide information that otherwise would have been undetected.

Come get yourself back again.